Pakistan not only faces security defies on its external facades, it equally tackles with domestic challenges and natural   catastrophes on its ground. 8th October is thus marked as “National Resilience Day”, not only to remember those souls who lost their lives in dreadful earthquake of 2005 in history of Pakistan but this day also calls for preparations for any kind of  natural disaster or calamity which knows no borders. This year also, on 8th October 2019, Provincial Disaster Management Authority, Sindh in collaboration with NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi is organizing the National Resilience Day to commemorate the loss we as a national has faced in past and to promote preparedness for better resilience in future.

U-Inspire is a platform for Youth and Young Professional for Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation for Disaster Risk Reduction acknowledged by UNESCO housed at NED University of Engineering & Technology. This year for National Resilience Day 2019, this platform will showcase the capacities of youth and potential of their contribution towards better resilience of the country.

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