Following up the Regional Workshop in Indonesia. Participants learned the functioning, significance and impact of U-INSPIRE to the society. UNESCO Regional Sciences Bureau for Asia and the Pacific encouraged the formulation of similar platform in other countries to activate the role youth and young professionals’ SETI for DRR. 

U-INSPIRE Pakistan objectives is to strengthen the partnerships, interaction, networking, communicating, discussing, and sharing among the members from all national universities. U-INSPIRE Pakistan member are youth and young professionals irrespective of their discipline. The proposed platform will have interesting outcome reflecting the significance of science (including social science), engineering as well as non-engineering disciplines in DRR activities. 

U-INSPIRE Pakistan, housed at NED University of Engineering & Technology – Karachi, will be a platform for young scientists and professionals in Pakistan, where they can contribute and showcase their work in DRR. U-INSPIRE Pakistan, formed as a volunteer group of young scientist and professionals, wiling to contribute and mobilize their SETI to support the disaster risk reduction activities as well as building resiliency across the country.

The platform shall be a multidisciplinary voyage of young scientist and professionals. Under the umbrella of this name, U-INSPIRE, youth and young professionals will be able to discuss, communicate, collaborate and showcase their work in science, engineering, technology, and innovation for DRR. U-INSPIRE Pakistan will coordinate, collaborate, work with, and seek encouragement from national DRR pioneers, Government and Semi-Government organizations. 

1.    The role of Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation for disaster risk reduction; 
2.    Information of global activities, trend, thoughts and ideas on SETI for DRR; 
3.    Examples, good practices, as well as lessons learned on science, engineering, technology and innovation to support disaster risk reduction as well as building resiliency; 
4.    Networks and link to similar initiatives in the region as well as globally.